She seems to understand some things

That which only she can conclude
I want her to conclude them all
And Begin afresh with me once more.

She is afraid to try again this love,
This pain that shattered us both
But I wish she find courage
And walk to me with a hope.

I would wait for her for years
If only she’d say ‘give me time to come’
I would ready a world for her
To welcome her when she does.

She is timeless confusion,
A clock that ticks and makes time stop
I am here waiting for the hour
The day she concludes her comprehension.

She is that flower in the valley of gardens
the fragrance of which travels to me
And I’m worried if I should pluck her,
lest she would wither with mine love unseen.

She is my every desire, burning endlessly
The flames that I feel no warmth of yet,
Her light she turns away from me
To discover her self-perpetuity.

She has dreamed already her future,
And I am nowhere to be seen.
Even when the dawn is nigh
Comes yet not a day to begin.

She carries her mind in her heart now
And friendship is the word on her mouth
My heart is still filled with hope.
Invigorated with every beat that strokes.

I’d paint her my poem and sing her my dance
If only she’d glance at me with warmth, once
Now there is only nothing and hope.
And sleepless slumbers into idle nights
And a puncture in the bottom of my heart
Where all the love songs pour right out。


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