Back in 26th January 2009 (which was the then Chinese New Year, as well as India’s Republic Day), when I had skipped a day from my winter job at Mcdonalds (I was supposed to get paid double for working on a holiday) to meet my friend who showed up over 3 hours late, where I was sloshed in an empty children’s park (I was also under 18), there, having slid down the slide a couple of times, and then lying on it, mushy, cold and profoundly drunk, I structured my first poem, without understanding the meaning of word… .

I’ve searched it in all places.

I’ve waited for it all this time

I’ve asked all beings, “Where could I get it?”

I’ve asked myself, “When would it be mine?”

I even traveled the world

And read books of all kinds.

But, finally concluding that

Serenity was already mine。


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