ωhen life is like a fish in a bowl,
Only a few things are in life.
The world looks much more large than it really is,
And then a thousand eyes watching you.

When life is the size of a fishbowl,
There is no journey, no destination only home.
It is a home where you don’t belong,
And the the routine carries on.

When you live like a fish in a pot,
Then you want a bigger pot and bigger.
Eventually trying to break free,
And prayers to which there is no answer.

Then there is the one holding the fishbowl,
He likes to keep the fish, its his favorite.
And then he goes out to live his life,
The fishbowl on the mantle, the same view.

If the fish was the man, he would let him free,
And if the man was the fish, he would wish the same.
But it ends with the fish floating, someday.
And that’s the end, the fish in a bowl。


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