Šhe has dark eyes

Same as the color of her lipstick
And wears a smile
Rare as a lunar rainbow,
She tells me so little she
Driving me mad with her silence.
But complies to my word
Obedient as the innocence she is.

She squinches her eyes, smiling
Melting mine solid red block inside.
That look which I remember most
Now may haunt me soon I presume,
But I fear not, I fear not.
I move forth without doubt,
Mine eyes expecting the worst.

Her nazi like boots
But I hear no footsteps behind me
Perhaps her wings help her fly
And quietly she guides me.
Oh, and she runs, she runs away from me
Like I wear a demonface which I do.
Yet she comes and holds me,
Smiles, and runs away once more…
Like petals dragging in the wind on the floor
or like it floating on the drift of a shore.

I imagine if my purpose is to take her
Make mine for history.
But again, what if I am wrong,
I’d press on my faith that she isn’t。



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