it would be an apt thing to see
You, walking amongst the pines
in between blooming rhododendrons trees
in the morning sunlight,
while the white mountains glitter in the distance
and your smile directed at me.

it is an apt thing to feel
the slightest of your gental touch
and the tightest of your grip
the biting of your teeth
onto mine undeserving  lips.
tumbling into the gravity we created to exist.

it is an apt thought to think
those compulsive evenings
our refugee in the shade of  stars.
where we walked and talked
and kissed and fought
beyond the minutes time could provide.

in those stairs and in the dark
where i felt the beating of your heart,
in that moment when you let me in
inside your body and under your skin.
I will not forget your humble soul
you who weighed mine dirt in gold.




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